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Jaded Capricorn

The July 29 Goddess Birthday Candle

The July 29 Goddess Birthday Candle

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For those born on July 29 - They are known for their warm and affectionate nature. They possess a magnetic personality and their charming character makes them easy to love. They have a knack for creativity and are often gifted in the arts. Their caring nature makes them great friends and partners, always willing to offer support. Overall, those born on this day are wonderful individuals with a heart of gold. 

Candle Details:

One size: 3 in × 5 in

Proudly made in the USA

100% natural soy wax blend

100% cotton wick and a glass jar

Eco-friendly and non-toxic

No lead, plastics, parabens, or synthetic dyes

All scents have the same wax color

Packaged in a gray gift box

Burning time: 70-80 hours

CAUTION - Keep the burning candle within sight and keep away from children and pets. Never burn the candle near flammable items. For best results, burn candle 3 to 4 hours of each lighting and trim wick to 1/4". Discontinue use with 1/2" of wax remaining.

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